Marrying reservation forecasts with staffing requirements is a major challenge for all hotels. D2O uses optimization algorithms and machine learning to solve this challenge, helping hotels operate more efficiently.


The Problem

The Solution

The Result

Hotels run complicated operations that depend heavily on reservation forecasts. D2O offers major premium hotel chains access to their workforce optimization service. This is hard to scale as it stands.

Poeta created a portal that embeds workforce optimization algorithms for clients to use when making staffing recommendations. The portal uses a range of data to dynamically enhance itself through machine learning.

A scalable digital solution that can be used by their clients to create efficient hotel operations.

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With enormous catalogues of product knowledge and educational materials, Microsoft needed an online solution to better educate and more meaningfully engage with users. 

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NorthPoint is a leader in the industrial motor repair and services business. With strong data collection practices, NorthPoint needed a system to organize and analyze its data to make critical business decisions on the fly.

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