Fuelled’s unique business model and technology platform enables oil and gas producers in Canada and the United States to efficiently and effectively buy and sell surplus equipment.


The Problem

The Solution

The Result

Fuelled wanted to update their website, specifically improving the styling, searchability, filters and implement analytics to improve the overall UI/UX and manage the data collected with each user visit.

We completed a comprehensive UI/UX audit and Technical Design assessment with the Fuelled team. We then designed improvements to the home page, equipment detail, sorting and search functionality.

Fuelled’s new website is a marked improvement in functionality and style, providing a world-class experience for its users and making it easier to find the equipment they are looking for.

List of Technologies



King’s Energy original technology didn’t support easy access to accurate information – it required techs to perform tedious data entry in the field, resulting in inaccuracies. They needed a new way of doing things.

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NorthPoint is a leader in the industrial motor repair and services business. With strong data collection practices, NorthPoint needed a system to organize and analyze its data to make critical business decisions on the fly.

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