CRM Integration

If your CRM is efficient, your business is more efficient. But a poorly integrated system, or one that doesn’t mesh with your business processes, can cause plenty of headaches. We’re here to help make sure your CRM investment pays off, by building a system that works for you from the moment it launches. And if you’re battling a system that doesn’t work for you now, we’ll help transform it into the right fit.

How Can We Help?


Design and Build

Post-Launch Training

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We’ll examine your business processes, identify your needs, and recommend a CRM solution that maximizes your investment.

Our team of developers and CRM experts will make your solution a reality, creating a system that makes your business more efficient and helps you maximize your sales process.

Data Visualization allows a greater understanding of your target audience by seeing how they interact with you in real time.

Give your staff the knowledge to make the most of your CRM system. We’ll help them navigate the new system and get comfortable with a new, more efficient way of working.

TEC Canada fosters growth in some of Canada’s leading organizations.

Microsoft needed an online solution to better educate and more meaningfully engage with users.

LinkIt wanted to create a suite of integrated web applications to help K-12 educators and administrators.


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