Data Visualization

Everyone has data. It’s what you do with it that keeps you in the lead. So making sure you can easily access and view it is vital. We’ll customize and implement data visualization tools that let everyone in your organization see the info relevant to them, whether they need a high-level view or want to drill down to the finer details.

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Customizable Tools

Data Aggregation and Warehousing

Interpretation and Visualization

We’ll implement software solutions that give everyone in the organization the information they need, with the ability to change the way you see and display it.

When your data is siloed in different locations and applications, it’s almost impossible to get a full picture. We help you consolidate your data, allowing you to easily access and interpret it.

We work with you to define reporting metrics, develop reporting formulas, and present your data in a way that lets you make data-driven decisions.

NorthPoint wanted to make better use of their data so they could make critical business decisions on the fly. Poeta helped them do it.

Microsoft needed an online solution to better educate and more meaningfully engage with users.

Marrying reservation forecasts with staffing requirements is a major challenge for all hotels.


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