Agriculture has advanced to a digitally charged industry hungry for data and the latest technologies to optimize best practices and reduce operation costs. Marked by immense land and equipment costs, margins are tighter than ever, which  require a transition from using traditional methods, to using data models, AI and sensors to build a calculated strategy. Poeta can help you build the technology model that will take your agriculture strategy to the next level.

Business Applications

AI/ML Models
As IoT (Internet of Things) technology advances in agriculture, so do the data models and analytics that aggregate and analyze information collected. Combining historical data with realtime information to draw predictive models is a new staple in the farming industry. Let us help you leverage AI/ML to better forecast your productivity and yield. 


App Development 
Sharing information, connecting communities, data tracking and analytics are important in the agriculture industry; however, sometimes these practices are challenged by remote locations and large operations. When your unique needs require a unique solution, we can help you build the right app to increase your operational efficiency and reduce operating expense.


Digital Transformation
Knowing what technology is the right fit for your business and understanding how to implement it isn’t easy. To us, digital transformation means using technology to make your business more efficient or drive value to your customers. We are experts at determining what this means for your business and executing on bringing the right technology pieces online.

Let's work together to find meaningful efficiencies in your business!

Case Study

AGvisorPRO is the “Uberization” of knowledge and wisdom providing instantaneous connectivity between farmers and agriculture experts who can provide answers to the farmers.

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