Education technology is helping schools, universities and organizations of all types and sizes provide more fulfilling, personalized and effective learning experiences. Education technology can greatly increase the bandwidth of educators to provide the training, learning and critical thinking its students need. At Poeta, we are experts in helping organizations build education strategies from the ground up, and can help you find the best technological solutions for your team.

Business Applications

Learning Management System
Transitioning to online training and education can drive immense benefits for your organization and learners. A Learning Management System (LMS) helps you to manage, customize and track your learning programs. At Poeta, we are experienced in building LMS’s for small businesses, education facilities, and enterprises. Together, let’s find the right system for your organization!


Data Aggregation
Digital learning platforms offer an unprecedented opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of a learning program, and a learners progress within the program. With so much data available, collecting and analyzing this data in an effective manner is critical to getting the most out of your system. Data aggregation and analysis will allow you to better evaluate your learners performance, and the performance of your learning content. 


Of the many benefits that Education Technology drives for both learners and administrators, personalization of content and learning programs is among the most important. Leveraging the data collected from your learning programs, AI and machine learning (ML) can work to create custom learning experiences and content streams for your students. Content delivery and evaluations can also be automated, streamlining the learning process and increasing administrators bandwidth.


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