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6 Benefits of Workflow Automation: Your Next Move for 2021

Our Top Six Suggestions That Will Benefit Your Business’ Workflow Automation Processes

31/01/2021 Victoria Carter

Workflow and Process Automation are one of our specialties at Poeta Digital. We explain workflow and process automation, its benefits and how to set it up. Keep reading to learn how to improve your business efficiency and productivity.

Workflow and process automation takes a look at your existing workflows, finds inefficiencies, and automates critical business processes to increase efficiency, productivity, accuracy and accountability.

Work moves effortlessly from person-to-person, system-to-system, to the cloud and back – without bottlenecks or breakdowns” (Nintex).

Automation can work for simple and complex business processes and workflows, turning manual tasks into sophisticated digital processes.


Person writing out workflow automation strategy on whiteboard.

Here are our Top Six benefits of automation: 

  1. Reduce Operating Costs: Workflow and process automation work to minimize human errors and reduce the turnaround time, reducing operating costs.
  2. Reduce Repetitive Tasks: Eliminate paperwork, accelerate digital transformation, and maximize productivity by automating almost any business process (Nintex).
  3. Automated Document Management: Quickly and easily create consistent, compliant, up-to-date digital documents. Automatically send files for redlining, approval, e-signature, and storage (Nintex).
  4. Real-time Analytics: Establish a culture of continuous process improvement by monitoring workflow performance and discovering data-driven, actionable insights (Nintex).
  5. Reduced Errors: Automating tasks will reduce errors caused by manual entry while also increasing efficiency and productivity.
  6. Policy Compliance Adherence: Automating business processes will ensure that policies are adhered to as they will be integrated into the workflow process. 

In addition to these top six, workflow automation systems are also flexible as they can be edited to adapt to business needs and growth. Once workflow automation systems are put in place and operating, managers can access tools like reporting, dashboards and measure KPIs.

So now you know about workflow and process automation and its top benefits, but how do you set up a workflow automation system? 

  1. Map Existing Processes: First, understand your existing workflow processes. Map out how your process structure currently looks and who tasks are assigned to. You can use a visual process mapping software for this. Think of the mindmaps you would make in grade school. When doing this step, also consider substeps, parallels and loops that might exist. 
  2. Identify Inefficient Processes: After looking at your workflow processes, notice which ones cause bottlenecks that could be solved through automation. Which processes would provide the most value if automated? Where are identifiable gaps, flaws, or redundancies?
  3. Automate Business-Critical Processes: Slowly go through one manual process at a time and build an effective and efficient workflow that addresses business processes and policy compliance. Make sure that processes are assigned to an owner who will be responsible for that step. 
  4. Analyze & Improve: Analyze the data regarding workflow performance, define a benchmark for success to create KPIs and measure the success of those KPIs often. 
  5. Take it One Step Further: Talk to a team of experts, like Poeta Digital, to explore the work of automation and integrations to build systems that will better serve your business. This can increase efficiency, accuracy, productivity while saving you time and money.

Reach out to our team of experts if you want to discuss creative solutions to your unique business challenges. We love a good puzzle!

Do you want to see practical examples of workflow automation? Here are three fundamental case studies around projects we have developed around automation. 


Poeta worked with Paysafe to create PIRQ, a payment platform designed to support tech businesses. PIRQ is used by Apple and won awards from Tech Flash and Lead411.


TEC Canada realized technology could increase the service and benefit given to its clients. Poeta designed and built an app that is a game-changer for their business.

King's Energy Services logo.

Poeta enabled technologies to allow field service technicians to do their jobs efficiently and accurately, automate invoicing and improve King’s Energy cash flow.

Ready To Make Your Workflow More Efficient?

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