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Translating your real-world processes to a digital environment isn’t always straightforward. While there might be solutions that seem to serve you on the surface, how they work for your organization every day can be a different – and often painful – story. We create a solution for you by looking closely at how you perform tasks today, and how those processes can be made better and more efficient in a digital environment – saving you both time and money. So instead of prescribing a solution for you, we work alongside you to create one.

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We want your processes to be easier, not more onerous. So we ask questions about how you work today, then translate your processes (yes, even the ones on paper) into efficient, user-friendly solutions.

We’ve built over 300 products for clients in diverse industries, so we know what it takes to build something that works.

It doesn’t matter how advanced a solution is – if it’s not the right one for the job, it’ll make your life harder. We make sure you get what you need.

Pirq/iPayment is a payment platform designed to support tech businesses in a variety of sectors, including gaming.

TEC Canada fosters growth in some of Canada’s leading organizations.

King’s Energy, which provides equipment and maintenance services to the oil and gas industry, often operates under tight timelines.



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